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第14課 Playing Games 做游戲 ACT I :You like living in New York, don't you? 你喜歡住在紐約,是嗎? Oh, I love it. 噢,我喜歡住在紐約。 It's so convenient. 一切都很方便。 I can take the bus to work ... 我可以坐公共汽車上班……

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You like living in New York, don't you? 你喜歡住在紐約,是嗎?
Oh, I love it. 噢,我喜歡住在紐約。
It's so convenient. 一切都很方便。
I can take the bus to work ... 我可以坐公共汽車上班……
or the subway ... 或者搭地鐵……
or a taxi. 或者坐計程車。
And there's so much to do. 而且這兒總是有許多事可做。
Lots of movie houses, and the theater. 很多電影院,還有劇院。
I know what you mean. 我懂得你的意思。
I'd like to live in the city, 我也喜歡住在這。
but living in New Jersey and the suburbs 但住在New Jersey和郊區
is better for Michelle. 對 Michelle會好些。
Trees, grass. 有綠樹,有草地。
There's a lot of good things about suburban living. 郊區生活是有許多優點。
I grew up in Riverdale, remember? 你記得嗎,我就是在Riverdale長大的?
So I know. 所以我了解這些。
But, as a working woman, 但是就職業婦女來講,
I think New York has all the conveniences-- 我覺得紐約具備了一切便利的條件。
including the best tomatoes. 包括上好的西紅柿。
The truth is, I'd like to live in the city. 老實說我也想住到城里來。
Michelle's the right age. Michelle正處于成長的年齡。
There are lots of things for her here. 這里有許多適合她的東西。
You're right, Harry. 你說的對,Harry。
Today is the perfect example. 今天就是一個很好的例子。
Michelle and her friends are at the aquarium in Brooklyn. Michelle和她的朋友們在參觀Brooklyn的水族館。
They come back here for lunch, 他們回到這兒來吃午飯。
then go uptown to the Museum of Natural History. 然后再往北去自然歷史博物館。
There's so much for young people to see and do. 這兒有很多可供年輕人看和做的事情。
It's just incredible! 簡直是難以置信!
Not just for young people. 不僅僅對年輕人來說是這樣。
What about me? 對我還不是一樣?
I've never been to the aquarium 我從來沒有去過水族館
or the Museum of Natural History. 或自然歷史博物館。
Have you?你呢?
Oh yes, Harry. 去過了,Harry。
My mother and father 我父母
often took us somewhere in the city on the weekends. 經常在周末帶我們去城里的一些地方。
Dad was a busy doctor, 爸爸是個很忙的醫生,
but he usually managed to squeeze a Sunday in 但是他總會設法擠出星期天
with Richard, Robbie, and me. 和Richard, Robbie及我在一起。
I used to love to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 我過去很喜歡去大都會美術館。
I've been there several times. 我到那兒去過好幾次。
Twice with Michelle. 其中兩次是和Michelle去的。
You ought to think about spending more time with Michelle 你應當考慮多花點時間陪Michelle
at all the great places in the city. 去城里所有的好地方看看。
Well, perhaps, 好的,也許,
you'll help me select some of the great places.你能幫我挑一些好地方。
And perhaps, you'll join us? 也許,你能跟我們一起去?
Perhaps I will. 也許我會吧。
Well, there we are. 好了,就這樣了。
All set for lunch, Harry. 午餐的一切都準備好了,Harry。
It looks inviting. 它看起來很令人食欲大開。
I wish Michelle and her friends would get here. 我希望Michelle和她的朋友很快就到這兒。
I'm starving, aren't you? 我餓了,你呢?
I can't wait to take a bite of the pumpernickel. 我簡直迫不及待想吃一口黑面包。
It smells so delicious. 它聞起來好香啊。
Coming! Coming! 來了!來了!
Who is it? 是誰呀?
Michelle. Michelle。
It's us, Susan. 是我們,Susan。
Come in, Michelle, 請進,Michelle。
and bring your friends along. 請帶你的朋友們進來。
We're on the fifth floor. 我們在五樓。
Oh, you've been here before. 噢,你以前來過的。
Susan, Susan,
I really appreciate 我真的很感謝
your doing this for Michelle and her friends. 你為Michelle和她的朋友們所做的這些。
Oh, please, Harry. 噢,別客氣,Harry。
It's nothing. 這沒什么。
I'm not just doing it for Michelle. 我不僅是為 Michelle做這些。
I'm doing it for you. 也是為你做的。
Thank you. 謝謝你。
I'm doing it for us, Harry. 我是為我們大家做的,Harry。
Well, 是的,
it's ... it's important for Michelle to see us together more often. 讓Michelle看到我們更常在一起是……是很重要的。
That's true. 確實是這樣。
It's important 這是很重要的。
for Michelle and me to get to know each other better. 讓Michelle和我彼此更了解。
That's important for us. 這對我們很重要。
That makes me feel good. 那使我感到很高興。
What, Harry? 什么,Harry?
What makes you feel good? 什么使你感到高興?
Well, that you care about Michelle, 哦,我是說你關心Michelle,
that you care about me, and 關心我 ,而且
that you care about us. 關心我們大家。
Well, Harry, that's because I do. 哦,Harry ,那是因為我關心。
I do care. 我真的關心。
They'll be here any minute. 他們馬上就到了。
Susan, I'd like to continue this conversation later. Susan ,我希望等一下能繼續我們的談話。
Of course, Harry. 當然可以 ,Harry。
We'll finish the conversation when they go to the museum. 他們去博物館之后我們再聊。
I'd like that. 我很樂意。
So would I. 我也是。

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