英語在線學:第10課 Smell the Flowers ACT I

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英語在線學:第10課 Smell the Flowers ACT I:Telephone Mrs. Zaskey at the advertising agency. 打電話給廣告代理Zaskey夫人。 I did that. Go on. 我已經打了。 繼續說。 Eleven o'clock, approve the sketches for the toy spaceship. 十一點鐘,批玩具太空船的草圖。

英語在線學習:走遍美國講解版視頻 第9課 Smell the Flowers ACT I

走遍美國文本  第9課 ACT I

Good morning, Susan. 早安,Susan。
Good morning, Sam. 早安,Sam。
What's the schedule today? 今天的工作是怎么安排的?
Ten o'clock, 十點鐘,
telephone FAO Schwarz about the new twin baby dolls. 打電話給FAO Schwarz談關于雙胞娃娃玩具的事。
OK. 好的。
Telephone Mrs. Zaskey at the advertising agency. 打電話給廣告代理Zaskey夫人。
I did that. Go on. 我已經打了。 繼續說。
Eleven o'clock, approve the sketches for the toy spaceship. 十一點鐘,批玩具太空船的草圖。
Where are they? 草圖在哪兒?
Right here. 就在這兒。
Did you look at them? 你看過了嗎?
Yes, I did. 是的,我看過了。
What do you think of the spaceship? 你覺得那個太空船怎么樣?
I think the kids'll love it. 我覺得孩子們會喜歡。
Would you show me the drawings, please? 請把草圖給我看看好嗎?
Huh. 嗯。
Now, what else is on the schedule today? 那么,今天的工作表還有些什么?
Well, at one o'clock 嗯,一點鐘
you have a lunch appointment with Mr. Levine, 你跟Levine先生約好吃午飯,
the client from the Toytown Stores. 這個客戶來自Toytown Stores。
Where? 在什么地方?
At Rossano's. 在Rossano餐廳。
Hmm. Anything else? 嗯,還有其他事嗎?
At four o'clock, 四點鐘,
you have a meeting with the production staff 要與生產部門人員開會
in the conference room. 在會議室。
Make sure everybody is at that meeting. 要確定每一位都出席這次會議。
Will do. 沒問題。
At six you're meeting, Mr. Ozawa. 六點鐘要會見Ozawa先生。
Oh, yes. Are his models here? 噢,對啦。他的模型在這兒嗎?
They're in my office. 在我辦公室。
I'd like to see them. 我想看看。
Right. 好的。
What else? 還有什么?
Come on, Sam ... 過來,Sam……
You work too hard, Susan. 你太拼命工作了,Susan。
When was your last day off? 上次休假是在什么時候?
Hmm. I can't remember. 嗯,我記不起來了。
You really ought to take some time off. 的確應該休一次假。
What for? 為什么?
To enjoy the simple things in life ... 享受人生樂趣……
I know, Sam. 我知道,Sam。
Maybe soon. 也許很快就會。
To smell the flowers. 去輕松一下。
Oh, wait a minute. What's today's date? 噢,等一等。今天幾號?
Today is the twelfth. Why? 今天是十二號。怎么了?
It seems to me I scheduled something else. 好像我還安排了什么別的事情。
There's nothing else in the appointment book. 在工作日程上沒有別的的事了。
I'm sure I did. 我確信我安排了什么事情。
Oh, well, I'll probably remember it later. 噢,也許過一會我會想起來。
I hope it isn't important. 希望不是什么重要的事。
Hmm. It's probably nothing. 嗯,也許沒什么事。
OK, let's get started. 好吧,我們開始工作。
Would you call Priscilla Smith at FAO Schwarz, please? 請撥電話給FAO Schwarz的Priscilla Smith,好嗎?
Right. 好的。
These are the models from the Japanese film maker. 這些是那位日本電影制作人制作的模型。
Thank you. Just put them on my desk. 謝謝。 把它們放在我桌上。
And the new drawings for the toy spaceship. 還有玩具太空船的新草圖。
Wonderful. 真精采。
That was fast. 而且又快。
We have a new artist. 我們找來了一位新的美工人員。
She's very talented. 她很有才華。
What time is it, anyway? 幾點鐘了,順便問一下?
My watch stopped. 我的表停了。
It's eleven thirty. 十一點半。
What time is my lunch date with Bill Levine? 我與Bill Levine 約好的中飯時間是幾點?
One o'clock. 一點鐘。
Remind me to leave at twelve forty-five. 提醒我十二點四十五分走。
Did you remember your other appointment for today? 還記得今天的另一個約會嗎?
No, 記不起來了。
but I have a feeling 但我覺得
it's going to be too late when I do remember. 等我想起來時已經太晚了。
Yes, Sam? 什么事,Sam?
I just solved the mystery. 我剛剛把那個謎底解開了。
What did I forget? 我忘記什么?
You have some guests in the reception room. 有幾位客人在接待室等你。
What? Who? 什么?是誰?
Mr. Harry Bennett and his daughter. Harry Bennett 先生和他女兒。
I remember! 我記起來了!
Oh ... Harry! 噢……Harry!
I made a lunch date with him and his daughter weeks ago. 幾星期前我約好和他以及他女兒共進午餐。
Is he a client? 他是顧客嗎?
He's a friend. 他是我的一位朋友。
Well, he's here with his daughter to have lunch. 嗯,他和他女兒已到這兒等候吃午餐了。
I met her at Thanksgiving, 我在感恩節與她見面,
and I promised to have lunch with both of them today. 我答應今天和他們共進午餐。
Yes, indeed. 是的,原來如此。
What are you going to do about your appointment 那該怎么辦
with Mr. Levine? 你與Levine先生的邀約?
Any suggestions? 有什么建議嗎?
Oh! 噢!

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