走遍美國中英文字幕文本:第6課 Thanksgiving ACT I

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第6課 Thanksgiving ACT I OK, Philip. This is your third cup of coffee. 好啦,Philip。這是你的第三杯咖啡了。 We should get to work, 我們得開始做事了, or we won't be finished by dinnertime. 要不然晚餐時間到了我們還沒做完。

走遍美國文本 中英文字幕  第6課 Thanksgiving 感恩節 ACT I



OK, Philip. This is your third cup of coffee. 好啦,Philip。這是你的第三杯咖啡了。
We should get to work, 我們得開始做事了,
or we won't be finished by dinnertime. 要不然晚餐時間到了我們還沒做完。
I guess we must. 我想我們是該開始了。
We must. 我們是該開始了。
OK. The beginning of my famous Thanksgiving apple pie. 好。開始做我最拿手的感恩節蘋果派。
One apple. Two apples. Three apples. Four apples. 一個蘋果。兩個蘋果。三個蘋果。四個蘋果。
Come on, Philip! 快點,Philip!
Get busy with your famous apple pie. 快做你拿手的蘋果派吧。
There's much more to be done. 要做的事太多了。
Now, the ingredients. 現在,看看配料。
What goes into my apple pie besides apples? 除了蘋果以外,我的蘋果派還要放什么?
Ah, yes. Flour, sugar, butter. 哦,對了。 粉,糖,黃油。
Butter, nice and cold and hard. 黃油,新鮮且又冷又硬。
OK, here are the walnuts. 嗯,核桃在這。
Last but not least, 最后但同等重要的,
the reason my apple pie is famous--cinnamon. 我的蘋果派就是靠它出名的---桂皮粉。
Cinnamon ...桂皮粉……
Ellen, where's the cinnamon? Ellen,桂皮粉放在哪兒?
If there is any cinnamon, 要是有的話,
it's in the cabinet with the salt and pepper. 應該跟鹽和胡椒粉一起放在櫥柜。
Salt, pepper, dill weed, garlic powder, cinnamon. Ellen? 鹽,胡椒粉,蒔蘿,大蒜粉,桂皮粉,Ellen?
Yes, Philip. 什么事,Philip?
Is it possible that we forgot to buy cinnamon? 是不是我們忘了買桂皮粉?
Yes, it is possible that we forgot to buy cinnamon. 是的,我們可能忘了買桂皮粉。
Well, how can I make my famous apple pie without cinnamon? 這下好啦,沒有桂皮粉我那道著名的蘋果派怎么做?
Good morning. 早安。
Oh, hi, Robbie. Good morning. 哦,Robbie,早安。
Good morning. Robbie. 早安,Robbie。
Can you do me a favor? 你能幫我個忙嗎?
Sure, Dad. What? 當然,爸爸。干什么?
Remember my apple pie on Thanksgiving? 記得在感恩節我做的蘋果派?
What do you love about it? 你最喜歡中間的什么?
The apples? 蘋果嗎?
No. The sssss... 不。是sssss……
Cinnamon. 桂皮粉。
Right. We don't have any cinnamon. 對。我們沒有桂皮粉了。
I'll go down to Henry's grocery. He's always open. 我到亨利雜貨店去買。那兒總是開門營業。
I'll get some for you. 我去替你買一些。
That's my boy! 好兒子!
Oh, put your heavy jacket on, Robbie. 把你的厚夾克穿上,Robbie。
It's cold outside. 外面很冷。
Alexandra might call. Alexandra可能會來電話。
Tell her I'll call her right back. 告訴她我會馬上給她回電話的。
OK. 好。
Thanks, Son. 謝謝你,孩子。
Uh, why does he always have to slam the door? 唉,為什么他老是砰一聲地關上門。
Hello.... Hello, Alexandra. How are you? ... Fine. 好……Alexandra。你好嗎?……很好。
Robbie just went to the store. Robbie剛去商店。
He'll be back soon. 他很快就回來。
He said he'll call you. 他說了他要給你打電話。
... Oh, oh, I see.... Oh ... certainly. ……嗯,嗯, 我知道了。……嗯……一定。
Well, do you have the phone number there? 那么,有那兒的電話號碼嗎?
... Oh ... I see.... Please, I know he wants to talk to you.... ……啊……我明白……我知道他很想跟你說話……
Thank you, 謝謝,
and happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, too. 祝你和你的全家感恩節愉快。
Try to come by later for dessert.... Bye. 晚會盡量到這兒來吃甜點……再見。
That was Alexandra. 是Alexandra打來的。
She and the Molinas 她和Molina一家
are going to spend Thanksgiving with their cousins. 準備與親戚一起過感恩節。
She doesn't have the phone number. 她不知道那兒的電話號碼。
Oh, Robbie will be disappointed. 哦,Robbie會很失望的。
He'll be grouchy. 他會發牢騷的。
Maybe she'll call back. She promised. 也許她會打電話回來。她說了。
Here's your cinnamon, Pop. 這是你要的桂皮粉,爸爸。
It was a dollar and sixty cents. 花了一元六角。
You forgot to ask me for the change. 你忘了問我要找回零錢。
Or did you forget to give it to me? 或許是你忘了給我?
Thanks, Son. 謝謝你,兒子。
Alexandra called. Alexandra來電話了。
I'll call her back. 我給她回電話。
She said she'll call you later. 她說她等會兒給你電話。
She's not at home. 她現在不在家。
You should have your breakfast, Son. 你應該吃早點,孩子。
Make you feel better. 這樣才會讓你覺得舒服些。
Protein, vitamins. 蛋白質,維他命。
She said she'll call back? 她說過她會回電話?
Yes, she did. 是的,她說了。
Good morning, everyone! 各位早安!
Happy Turkey Day! 火雞節快樂!
What's wrong? 怎么啦?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing. 沒有啊。什么事也沒有。
What's gotten into him? 他怎么搞的?
He missed a phone call. 他沒接到一個電話。
From ...? 打來的人是……?
Yes, Alexandra. 對,Alexandra。
It's nice to see young love.... Oh, to be young again! 真高興看見年輕人相愛……啊,能再恢復年輕多好!
Where's the coffee? 咖啡在哪?

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